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[edit] The Prologue

Playing Renegade online has been a lot of fun. I've never played a game that incorporates the element of working together, sometimes intelligently... anyway, there's a lot of amazing players. All of these have boinked me many times, as well as many others. I really like going after these guys when I'm opposing them, as well as working with them when I'm on their side.

[edit] Aggression

All of these guys share one thing in common... Aggressive play. Aggression is the key tactic in playing this game. Every element of play depends on being agressive, that is when the situation calls for it. As a noob, it's frustrating to eat up all your credits on expensive units in this manner, however, aggressive tactics and survival skills can be practiced by using the free infantry units then trading up.

[edit] Tank tactics

When the enemy has armor or arty in the field, defending vehicles must go after them. Trading rounds with the enemy at your gate will grind down your credits and expose your buildings to rushes when your defense thins out or fails. When in a vehicle, you must be aware of friendlies around you. Something I did the other day can illustrate how important this is... While attempting to maneuver into a firing position, I blocked a friendly unit's retreat exposing them to enemy fire. He had a really good spot and was rocking to avoid taking hits. When I moved behind him, he lost that tactic and was subsequently destroyed. Vehicles can also impede attempts of infantry units to retreat to safety, or worse push them into the open. On the flip side of the blocking issue, I saw an outstanding tactic last night. As 'Gunner' I was dishing some serious damage to the Mobile Arties laying siege to our base, when I'd get one into the kill zone, a stolen Mammoth would move into a shielding position to allow the arty to repair. Very impressive, and it illustrates my point of being aware of the other units. Last thing about this, pressing the 'V' key, allows you full range visibility, up, down and 360 degrees. Try it out and you'll get control of your blind spots... You can also go into Options: Controls: Look/Veiw or something like that and check the box that says "Lock Turrent Camera Veiw" or something along those lines. and then you wont have to hold the V key down. Point denial is an advanced tactic that can be quite the double-edged sword. Essentially, the enemy who destroys your vehicle gets bonus points for taking off the last 1HP of your tank. But, if you destroy an empty vehicle, you get no points. So, learn to time your abandoning of your vehicle to deny the enemy those few bonus points. Learn how much damage your vehicle takes from each projectile type, and always expect the next hit to be a direct one - jump out when the shell is coming at you, or the Raveshaw is halfway through reloading. It's okay if you do it a little early, you can finish the tank off yourself with your pistol. But, the downside is that you miss out on one or two extra shots out of your tank, that can offset the enemy's point advantage if you're, say, shelling a building. But that's not the case with a Mammoth. ALWAYS jump out of a Mammoth.

[edit] APC rushes

Watching the good players use the APC is amazing. One of the messages you'll often see flash by in the beginning is Donate for APC rush. By all means, donate. Also, read the topic on C4 Math elsewhere in this forum. A few Hotties or Techs in an APC can bring a building down pronto. But the APC or the buggy and Humvee, also plays a pivotal role in preventing enemy infrantry units from harrassing your Harvester, or Armored units in the field. These units can cover tunnel exits and swiftly run down rocket soldiers or other infantry units in the field. Lastly, as a base defense tool, these units can move quickly from building to building running down attackers, spotting SBH spooks, and making repairs when driven by a Tech, Engineer, or Hottie.

[edit] Limits

There are limits to vehicles and mines. Mind the limits. If your vehicle is taking heavy damage and you can't withdraw, make sure it gets destroyed. In servers that allow them, don't retreat from your vehicle shell. Destroy it with a C4 (or whatever is quickest) so it doesn't fall into the hands of the enemy. They will repair and withdraw the shell, making it count against your limit, or worse, they can repair it and use it against you. A "reverse psychology" tactic is to begin repairing the shell, and the enemy will usually destroy it to prevent you from reclaiming it (although you should only attempt this if you are not likely to be killed yourself). Likewise, if you see an enemy shell on your base, don't destroy it for the same reasons. Check your reticle before firing on an enemy unit. It may be a captured unit. Only certain vehicles leave shells(Buggy, Humvee, GDI-APC, Medium Tank and Light Tank), remember which ones do and watch for shells when they die.

[edit] Mines...

These are critical tools of base defense. But they are limited. When you are mining, and you see other mines fizzling, you know you've reached a limit. Each new mine you lay destroys another previously laid. Some of those other mines may be tactically significant. For example, they may be placed at tunnel entrances to your base, or on the inner side of doors to high value structures (aren't they all?) Anway, although I don't know the actual damage value of a mine, it seems that a couple of mines in the doors is enough, but the tunnel entrances are extremely important when defending against the SBH. I really haven't seen any healthy vehicles stopped by mines so it does little or no good to pile them up to defend against armor. Their best use is anti-personnel and specifically against the SBH.

Structures: Stealth is Nod's best advantage. In games where the Obelisk and the AGT are present, Nod will aggressively attack the AGT and should aggressively defend the Hand of Nod. GDI should, of course, aggressively defend the AGT and attack the Hand of Nod. In games where these structures are not present, the Hand of Nod should be defended/attacked aggressively to retain/remove this advantage.

And what about throwing mines on an SBH? I did this once and it was VERY effective, there was so much damage dealt it killed the guy inside of the tank. BUT REMEMBER! YOU HAVE TO GET RUN OVER FOR THIS TO WORK!

[edit] Teamwork

Of course, all the structures are critical to the success or failure of the game. Defending the base is vital. Check the 'K' key for battle field data, and the 'J' key for team data and make your decisions about what do do accordingly. If you see half your team in tanks it makes no sense to buy another tank. Pick a unit that will support the efforts of the other guys. You score points by repairing buildings. Grab yourself a Hottie, a Tech or an Engineer and defend the base.

[edit] The beginning

In the beginning of the game, take the field or tunnels with infantry. Pair up with another player and work as a team. As a infantry unit, you can pair up with a Havok or a Sakura to flesh out targets for them. Kinda like bait. If you can avoid the Headshot, the Havok/Sakura can probably get the shot on the other unit... Work with the Mobius/Mendoza characters. The steady stream exposes stealth units and can easily finish off what your infantry unit starts. Best of all they're free!

There's a lot more that I can't say because I don't know! I'd like to hear from some of the other players. Share your tactics...

From Dazling:

team up with 2 engineers and soldiers and assault their power plant. they should be able to wipe out the plant in a single run and if it works, you'll be 800 cash ahead of the others and if your nod.... FLAME TANK RUSH!! with this tactic I have won maps in 2-5 mins!

note: this can only be done on small maps like C&C_walls where there isn`t base defences

From -BiO-Gridloc:

Also, check to see if you have starting cash.....

Some servers give you up to 350 credits to start. Each server has a money per second rate that gives you like 3 to 6 credits per second as you play. This only ends once your refinery is destroyed. Use those credits WISELY....start an apc rush immediately or an arty / mlrs rush with hottie support (2 vehicles to 1 hottie/tech). If you don't have start up creds, then attack the harvester immediately to cripple your opponents cash flow and give your team a tactical advantage. Highly, I repeat, highly recommended, that you use grenadiers and an autorifleman to rush the harvester, NOT engineers. Reason is two fold... First, grenadiers with timed C4 planted on the harvester can take it down in less than 1 minute without enemy fire coming to bear on them. Second, if the engineer is killed and weapons drop is on, you've just given the enemy your remote C4 and he can now use it on your harvester as opposed to 6 shots from a grenade rifle that the grenadier would drop, which is significantly less effective.

[edit] The Epilogue

One last thought... Have any of you guys considered turning friendly fire ON? This may be somewhat advanced, but it would add a lot to the game.

/cloneman/: if you are really nuts... disable building repair :D

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