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[edit] Introduction

Wrecking the enemy's base is what it's all about; if you ruin the enemy's entire base you've won, after all. It's getting there that's the problem, as no sane team will leave their base totally unguarded. But with a little teamwork, and a little know-how, smashing the enemy base to rubble isn't so hard after all. Teamwork isn't always guaranteed, but this article will provide you with the knowledge of how best to go about ruining the enemy's day. And once you have that, your chances of victory are proportional to the enemy team's stupidity!

[edit] What you need to know

If you try to storm the enemy's base in a gung-ho Rambo style, chances are you'll be ripped to shreds in a storm of bullets before you know what's going on. Intel is key; you need to take the following into account at all times:

  • Where does the enemy have its attention focused?
  • Does the enemy have vehicles, and if so how many and which ones?
  • Is the enemy patrolling the base with small groups?
  • Does the enemy have many advanced infantry?
  • How much attention is the enemy paying to your target structure?
  • Is the structure covered by automated base defenses? (if it is, don't bother charging in alone with no vehicle.)
  • Is the structure mined?
  • What kind of radar is enabled on the server?
  • Which structure's destruction would impact the enemy the most?

Once you've figured all this out, you can choose the best way to annihilate the structure.

Deadly accurate answer. You've hit the bueyells!

[edit] Destruction via Infantry Rush

Infantry rushes are rarely executed (other than early-game skirmishing), but should not be underestimated. The best infantry rush comes in the form of the late-game Mobius/Mendoza rush that can not only defend itself to a wicked degree, but spell doom for any structure, even without getting inside. An infantry rush will very quickly attract attention from base defenders, so you do not need to be as covert about it. Be warned though, that Snipers and Vehicles are the two biggest threats to an infantry rush, capable of stopping them single-handedly if skilled enough. Infantry rushes are best executed using:

  • Several Chemsprayers
  • Several Rocket Soldier Officers/Gunners/Grenadiers (early game)
  • Several Mobius/Mendoza (Expensive but deadly)

More often than not, if done with enough numbers and proper execution, the above infantry can rip down a structure without even having to get inside, but getting inside confers a HUGE damage bonus to most invaders (any explosive warheads like those on rockets/grenades do more damage on the walls of the building than at the MCT). The central disadvantages of an Infantry Rush are cost, frailty and ammo. If not done correctly, an infantry rush can be decimated in seconds, causing more harm than good through wasted credits. However, such tactics can often recoup some if not all of their costs through damage inflicted.

Unlike the other rushes, Chemsprayers have a somewhat negligable effect unless actually inside the structure (where they do ridiculous damage at the MCT); a little known fact is that a chemsprayer is the cheapest thing in the game that can single-handedly destroy a building (using both it's timed C4 and chemsprayer), but chem rushers must be careful not to blow themselves up with their C4s. They can earn points and credits quickly by spraying the outside of the structure, as well as inflicting a bit of damage, but they most likely won't destroy it outright. Plus, it's a bit hard to miss a giant green cloud of goop spraying everywhere. For this reason, the Chem rush works best if you can actually make it inside the base unscathed which usually relegates it to the early game. You can try this with flamethrowers to get a bit of extra income in the early game, but you're probably just asking to be shot.

I doubt anyone who's been playing Renegade for a while has never heard of the term "Gunner Rush" at least once. There is quite a lot of confusion in the community, however, as many believe "Gunner Rush" to be a tactic to retake the infantry tunnels by peppering them with rockets - it is not. With enough manpower, Gunner rushes can be even nastier than MRLS attacks. Two Gunners will kill any building if left unchecked and unopposed. If there are six to eight or more Gunners, you can pretty much kiss your building goodbye unless you either happen have a Technician already sitting there ready and repairing or you spot the Gunner rush early and kill the Gunners. Plus, they're quite capable of defending themselves. For once, GDI has the edge, as Gunner's faster rocket launcher is not available to Nod. Gunners are nasty enough outside of building, but if they can get inside buildings they can wreak immense havoc by shooting the MCT for double damage with their rockets. Plus, engineers attempting to repair the place can be mowed down like nothing. Of course, you have to watch your ammo. Rocket Soldier Officers can do this too obviously, but much slower. At the beginning of many maps, GDI can also execute a Grenadier rush, since Grenadiers do as much damage as Rocket Officers from the outside and they are free. This works best on maps with hard-to-defend pillboxes above or around bases, such as Volcano, but can work on any map if properly executed.

Mobius/Mendoza rushes are horrifying to attempt to defend against. Not only can they obliterate structures in a matter of seconds, but they can flash-fry anyone attempting to attack them and even wipe tanks off the face of the earth with their Volt Auto Rifles. Add to this the fact that each Mobius/Mendoza has enough charge/ammo to take out a building (without using timed C4), and enough left over to kill anyone who gets in their way and you have a deadly assault unit. If they can get inside a building, you might as well kiss it goodbye. However, their strength is not without its cost, and that cost is 1000 credits - you won't be seeing any of these early game, and a rush that fails to do anything is quite a blow to the team. Also, snipers can cause some immense fustration to the would-be invaders by simply swatting them down one by one with headshots.

PIC/Raveshaw groups will inflict serious damage from the outside of buildings at sizable ranges, but their reload rate makes them less effective in terms of maximum damage over time. They do not carry enough ammo individually to even get close to destroying a building externally. They do make great support units for other rushes though, and one or two thrown in with a Mobius/Mendoza rush will be almost guaranteed lethality.

[edit] Rushing the Base Defenses

GDI has another ace up their sleeve when it comes to Infantry Rushes, as they are able to charge at the Obelisk of Light en masse, reaching the obelisk easily if enough people are present. On certain maps where the Advanced Guard Tower is close to key infantry routes (for example, the tunnel by the Refinery/Advanced Guard Tower on Field), similar things can occur. The Obelisk does 300 damage per shot to heavily armoured vehicles and instantly destroys anything else it hits, but it has to take three seconds between shots, which is a VERY slow rate of fire, leaving large gaps between shots. With this in mind, the Obelisk can only pick off one group of infantryman every five seconds - so if many infantry are present, they will take perhaps two or three casualties before the group reaches the Obelisk. Depending on the numbers of the rush, this can spell doom for the Obelisk, and in turn Nod. Obviously, this should not be peformed with expensive infantry due to the russian roulette that everyone is playing. Also, make sure you stay well spaced out - the Obelisk's beam has a small area of splash damage on it, about the size of a rocket launcher's rocket - this is why it is always prudent to use multiple points of entry and coordinate with either radio commands or teamspeak. The idea is that you take only one death at a time, so this is bad: the splash damage is enough to kill the free infantry within two feet of the Obelisk's target. The best map for this is probably Hourglass or Field due to the small distance between the tunnel and the obelisk, although it can be highly effective in the back door on Under as well.

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[edit] Good maps for Infantry Rushes

C&C_Field and C&C_Under are probably the best maps for Mobius/Mendoza rushing. C&C_Mesa is good for Gunner Rushes, and C&C_Islands and Volcano favor all kinds of infantry rush. C&C_Walls_Flying is a classic for SBH rushes, since GDI will have a hard time defending against SBHs plus it offers lots of spots to hide. Volcano in particular is a great map for Rocket/Grenadier rushes since the pillboxes above the Refineries of both bases will protect you from ground fire leaving only your back exposed in the tunnel. Bringing along a sniper to cover your back is recommended. Maps without defenses are also good candidates for kamikaze engineer rushes where a group of 3-4 engineers runs in and goes crazy on a building with remote C4. 3 engineers can kill a building in no time with all their remote C4, and if not stopped can also kill a second building with their timed C4.

[edit] Destruction via Bombardment

Bombardment is probably the most common form of destruction, and will likely occur throughout the entire game on most servers. Mobile Rocket Launcher Systems and Mobile Artillery are obviously the vehicles of choice for this purpose, having long range and vicious damage capacity. Sometimes, Medium Tanks, Mammoth Tanks and Light Tanks are sometimes used in abscence of these units, but they have to be much closer and do not do as much damage, which nullifies the advantage somewhat. Though bombardment is common and a very obvious option to wrecking the enemy base, more often than not you will not actually destroy any structures if you are facing a skilled team. The cash and points output of bombarding are excellent, but you are giving the enemy a fraction of it if they are repairing the structure continuously, which they should be. Make no mistake, bombardment CAN wreck enemy structures quickly if not attended to, but this method is more useful for tying up manpower that may otherwise stymie your team's efforts elsewhere.

There is no subtelty to bombardment. You simply get the vehicle, bring it over and start blowing up the structure of your choice. The enemy's attention is simply not a factor here, as it is incredibly hard to miss where the missiles/shells are coming from. As soon as you start, expect retribution attempts to be swift. This is why you need support - the disadvantage of MRLS and Artillery is that they are slow and fragile. As much as they have power, they cannot defend themselves, as their armour is like tinfoil - even basic rifle infantry can quickly mash them. Having support engineers alone is not enough (although a technician/hotwire "teching" the MRLs/Artilleries are almost completely invincible) - bombardment is done best when supported by tanks. However, even in these circumstances, the bane of bombardiers is Snipers, which can rip the MRLs/Artilleries to shreds with a few clips and can shoot from anywhere that they can see the vehicles - and are thus hard to target.

If you are able to bombard multiple buildings (for example, on Mesa or City), then there are two tactics you can use, each with different advantages. The first of which is of course the most obvious, and that is that everyone on your team should focus on a single enemy building. This will force the enemy to bring most of their engineering-type infantry to that single building. If you can rush that building with anti-infantry, it would be devastating to the enemy's base repair capabilities (and of course, the building itself). This is usually easier said than done however, which brings me to the second tactic: a round-robin attack. Instead of everyone focuses on a single building, only half of the bombadiers focus on a single building and the rest attack other buildings in turn. This will force the enemy's engineers to walk back-and-forth between the buildings, which will at the very least expose them to your team's sniper fire. In addition, if the enemy turns lax in their attention, they will not repair one or more of the buildings. If this becomes apparent (eg, the building doesn't get repaired for more than a minute or two), then be sure to let your team know -- Radio Commands come quite handy here -- so that they will all focus on that single building and hopefully kill it before the enemy team realizes that most (if not all) of your team has changed their main focus.

There are some maps where it's possible to attack the base defenses without those base defenses retaliating at you (some examples: Field, Mesa, Hourglass, Under), but that's a harder concept to explain and grasp than simply pointing and shooting. I'm not only taunting you (go join a clan, any good clan can teach you), but letting you know in case you come across someone doing it to your base: they are not cheating.

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