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[edit] Introduction

I'd like to point out that this walkthrough is one man's opinion on how to beat the game, and it's full of this man's bias. I'm sure there are better ways to do whatever, and if you have any, please use them, or edit this document and add them.

Also, the strategies set forward here work for all difficulty levels, although with the higher ones it may require more skill, finesse, and a hell of a lot more quick-saves.

Thanks for reading!


[edit] General Tips/Strategies

  • Kill Nod Officers as quickly as you can: they are the cause of enemy reinforcements.
  • Reload whenever your clip is less than full to save ammunition, or in between firefights to avoid running out of ammo in the firefight.
  • Complete all your objectives. You usually get something good at the end for your troubles.
  • Use the right weapon for the right job. A Sniper Rifle is worthless on a Light Tank. Similarly, Personal Ion Cannon shots should not be wasted on infantry.
  • NEVER use tiberium weapons on mutants! They'll be happy to eat your rounds (cause they heal in tiberium) Even a pistol is better against mutants than that Chem sprayer.
  • Your Pistol is a very useful weapon throughout much of the game. With only one headshot you can take down basic infantry. All other enemies will require two or more headshots to take them down.
  • Don't use tiberium weaponry on mutants or Chem Warriors. Instead use the Flamethrower, which does more damage than regular against these targets.
  • Unless you feel like going Rambo, don't run into an open area and shoot everything you see. This will get you killed easily since you'll be an easy target for snipers and rocket soldiers. Instead, stick in corners and behind obstacles, and use your sniper rifle (or any long-ranged weapon) and pick anyone you see by with well-placed shots. This way the enemy will have a difficult time trying to find you while you drop all of them.
  • Don't use flame weaponry on flamethrower infantry. Instead try tiberium weaponry, which deals extra damage for tiberium poisoning. Beware of mutations.
  • Don't go near a Chem warrior or Flame infantry when he dies. They explode when they get killed, damaging anything close to them.
  • Be aware that repair guns in single player have the ability to cause damage as well as to heal.
  • There are some weapons you will never see in the single player campaign, such as the Rail Gun. Also, you will never use the Shotgun, the Repair Gun, or the Ramjet Rifle, although you do see enemies with them.
  • Flame Tanks are slightly weaker in the Single Player campaign, having only 300 health and 300 armor, as opposed to 400 in multiplayer.
  • Kill rocket soldiers, snipers and Shotgun carrying infantry as quickly as possible: they are capable of one-hit kills.
  • Enemies hesitate to shoot when they are taking damage. Use this to your advantage when you are facing a group of enemies by using a spread weapon such as the Chem Sprayer or Flamethrower.
  • On the above note, a useful skill to learn is how to "Juggle" enemies. That is, hit them all in a sequence that, while may be slow to kill them, will deal damage over time making them less likely to fire back. This works best with laser/tiberium weaponry. For example, if you're facing three officers and you're using a Laser Rifle, shoot the first once, then the second once, then the third once, then go back to the first. This way, all the enemies are too busy licking their wounds to attack you back.
  • If you are going against more enemies than you are able to handle, try using the Chem Sprayer. When killed with it, enemy units have a chance of becoming a Visceroid, which you can take advantage of as a distraction, since the enemy will attack the visceroid.
  • On higher difficulty levels and later missions, quicksave often.
  • Most levels have "preferred weapon", or a gun that you'll find lots of ammo for. This is the weapon that you should use for the majority of the mission. I'll be stating what weapon this is for each mission.

[edit] Mission 0: Tutorial

If you get stuck here, you need help. There's no way to lose, and no way to die. (Unless you C4 yourself, dimwit.) Just follow the instructions you're given and move on.

Files: M00_Tutorial.mix, M00_Tutorial.thu

[edit] Mission 1: The Scorpion Hunters

Mmmm, isn't the intro movie pretty?

Files: M13.mix, M13.thu

Mission: Locate the secret Nod base.

Briefing: "Intel is reporting evidence of an uncharted Nod installation. Storms and rough terrain are interfering with our satellite scans, so Eagle Base has dispatched a recon team to investigate. Your squad will lead the extraction effort once Recon One has confirmed the base coordinates."

Objectives: Um...None, really...

Preferred Weapon: At the moment, all you have to work with is the Automatic Rifle, so this is a no-brainer.

Walkthrough: Once you get dropped off, pick up the spare ammo behind you (Most people miss it), and proceed down the path. Kill the sniper that pays no attention to you, and meet up with Recon One. Gun down all the Nod soldiers that you see, picking up ammo and health as needed. Eventually you push Nod back and some engineers drop and fix up the medium tank for you. Once you're in the medium, proceed down the path, kill the harvester and anything else belonging to Nod. Proceed down the path to the base.

Now, this is probably the only real "important" part of the mission. The Nod base and your position are separated by a river, with the only bridge crossing being walled off. Right in front of the bridge there are 2 rocket launchers. PICK THEM UP! You'll need them for a secondary objective in the next mission, and you don't get any others until Mission 3. DON'T USE THEM ON CRAP THAT DOESN'T MATTER like transport helicopters delivering reinforcements. Again, you'll need them next mission for a minor secondary objective.

Although you could blow up some SAM Sites, it really doesn't matter since the Orcas getting shot down are scripted. Just concentrate on living, since that's all you really need to do to win this mission. After you blow up the SAM sites, an A-10 goes in for an attack run, but ends up with the same fate the orca had earlier.

Note that even on the hardest possible setting, the rocket launchers are not necessary for the next level. And it's pretty hard to get killed on the first level, unless you try. The Obelisk doesn't even target you, and on hard, the mission can easily be finished with less than 50 damage to your medium tank.

Congrats! You finished your first, and terribly easy, mission!

[edit] Mission 2: Rescue And Retribution

Many hardcore C&C fans will see that the beginning of this mission bears a striking resemblence to the first mission for GDI in Tiberium Dawn.

Files: M01.mix, M01.thu

Mission: Locate detention center

Briefing: "Satellite imagery indicates the Nod Detention Center is adjacent to the Nod Communications Center. Locate the Nod Detention Center. Hint: Complete your secondary mission objectives."

Primary Objectives:

  • Locate Detention Center
  • Access Communication Mainframe
  • Disable Sam Site
  • Open Detention Center

Secondary Objectives:

  • Rescue Prisoners
  • Contact GDI Commander
  • Elimate Nod Officer
  • Destroy Nod turrets
  • Rescue Clergy
  • Disable Hand Of Nod

Preferred Weapon Automatic Rifle, mostly, although there will be a few occasions that call for a Flamethrower or Sniper Rifle.

Walkthrough: Rain,rain, go away...

Walk along the beach until you reach the ladder. On the way, you should see an Orca that goes down after a SAM missile hits it. Pick up the data disc, then climb up the ladder. You follow the soldier to the prisoners and make sure they're safe. Just be sure not to shoot the prisoners, or you'll fail the objective. After that, blow up the trucks (Three in total) with the handy-dandy Remote C4 that happens to be next to them. Climb up the guard tower by the construction yard and get a free sniper rifle. Another sniper rifle can be found on top of the ruined power plant. After you're done at the base, proceed down the path behind the construction yard. Be sure to pick up your health medal thing.

After walking the path, you should get to a shack that's getting assaulted by Nod. Kill off the assailants and talk to Captain Duncan. Listen to him blab for a while and he gives you an Ion Cannon Beacon. I recommend you save it instead of using it on the first building you see. Next to the shack there's a small cave with a data disc inside. You can get it if you want, but it's just "Updated Satelite Imagery". More or less useless, and not worth the tiberium poisoning.

Proceed down the path, and you see a group of light tanks attacking a gate. Stay away from them until they are blown up by an A-10 strike. YAY! Kill the Nod officer in the tower, pick up the sniper rifle, and start cracking heads down the path. Continue down your way to find three small houses, two turrets, and a beach. Take out the two turrets via your handy block of C4 and you get a medium tank. Rescue some civies inside the houses and you get... well... a thank you. Do them in either order. You're now presented with a choice. You can proceed on foot on the path behind one of the houses, or you can drive your new tank through the tunnel. Since in the next area you'll need heavy weaponry, I'd go with the tank and the tunnel.

So assuming you picked the tank and the tunnel, you'll end up running over some Nod infantry on the way. After you leave the tunnel you'll engage a light tank and three gun emplacements. The gun emplacements don't do much damage to the heavy armor of your Medium tank, but the light tank can, so take it out first. Upon its death it'll leave an Armor Upgrade medal, so be sure to get that. After destroying the gun emplacements and anything else you find, you'll come across a bridge. Nod has blocked off the bridge to tank access, so you'll have to continue on foot. There's an officer on the bridge with a nifty keycard you might want, so be sure to get that.

Once again you're presented with a choice. If you take the obvious route and go over the bridge, nothing extraordinary happens. If you take the slightly hidden route to the right behind the waterfall, you get your first enocunter with tiberium mutants, and you get the Flamethrower slightly earlier than you would've normally. I usually go right just to be sure I've gotten everything on the level, but you can go over the bridge and it'll be of no consequence. You may also take the shortcut through the river to get straight to a church.

If you chose to go over the bridge or through the river, skip this paragraph. Behind the waterfall there's a tunnel, and beyond that tunnel is a pool of tiberium sludge and several Nod infantry guarding it. As soon as you arrive, several Visceroids will appear. Some finish off the Nod for you, while others attack you first. Since they're fairly resiliant (Especially on higher difficulty levels), I'd recommend backing up while firing, to keep out of their pathetically small range. Once they're gone, pick up all the items and move on. You get a free health and armor fill for your troubles. You can either back up and go left or just jump out where the health and armor are. Either way you're in the same spot.

If you chose to go through the river, skip this paragraph. Now you're faced with yet another fork in the road. Left goes to free some Clergy held hostage in a church, right goes to assault a Nod strongpoint. I suggest going left first, helping out the clergy, and the doubling back. Be sure to get the pile of Flamethrower ammo in the steeple of the church, and climb the ladder to the spare sniper on the roof. Once you're done with the clergy, some GDI soldiers come to help you, but they end up getting roasted by several flame troopers.

Walk back around to where you were before. If you move to the right you should find a harvester, but no refinery... hmmm... Use those rockets you've been saving to destroy the harvester, otherwise you'd be forced to use C4, and that's not advisable since it's in the middle of Tiberium. Alternatively, come around behind it and use a Flamethrower - as long as you're not attacked, you should be able to burn it out with 1-2 full canisters of ammunition, without stepping into the Tiberium. Move on, clear out the Nod in the tower, pick up any goodies (I'm almost positive you get another keycard from the officer at the top), and move on down the path.

When you come to the next fork, take the path that leads up, as opposed to down, and you'll get a nice sniper position. Pick off any Nod soldiers, but don't bother tryng to snipe the Nod Buggy--that trick only works in multiplayer. After there's nothing left to shoot at, back up and go down the path and onto the other one, or if you're skilled enough, slide down the hill. You should receive little to no damage. Take out the SAM site and you'll get some GDI soldiers backing you up. Although it's pathetically easy to go straight for the MCT in the Hand Of Nod, if you're new you might want to explore the rest, just to get yourself aquainted with the layout. I usually clear it out anyways. If Renegade's developers went through all the trouble of making the Hand Of Nod that extensive, it deserves clearing out. There's some pretty interesting stuff down there, and in later Hand of Nod's, there's a lot of really decent weaponry stashed in the bottom (its a room with a metal fence.) For now, this Hand of Nod only has a few auto rifles, a sniper rifle, C4s, a medical pack and body armor. If you are low on ammo or health, consider going to this stash.

You'll probably be tempted to use your Ion Cannon Beacon on the Hand Of Nod. Don't. There are much more deserving targets (Namely some Silos in Mission 3). Instead, use a Remote C4 on the Master Control Terminal. Seeing how it's only the second mission, the MCT is quite lightly defended. Once you crumble the Hand of Nod, an armor and health upgrade medal should appear at the MCT. Grab em, and leave the structure.

After the Hand of Nod goes tumbling down, proceed up the hill (Assuming the buggy is destroyed, if not then destroy it with any leftover rockets, your Flamethrower, etc). You should get the "Localized Radar Jamming Detected" messege, meaning there's an active Communication Center in the area. Impulse says to go down guns blazing, but it's much smarter to take out everything around you first, including the SAM Site and the projecter feeding the detainees the (obivously fake) propaganda.

There are three ways to enter the Communication Center. You can go through the glass on the roof, take the elevator directly to the lower levels, or just go through the front door. I recommend the front door, as the elevator will leave you flanked and the roof entrance will hurt you a little. Again, this is only the second mission, so you won't encounter any of the annoyances you'll find in later Comm. Centres (Ceiling guns, etc). Kill everyone off, hack the mainframe, and blow up the MCT for good measure. Once you're all done, push the button in front of the gate.

Congrats! Mission 2 is done.

[edit] Mission 3: Armored Assault

This mission is LONG. Give a quicksave every now and then, since if you die toward the end and have to start from the beginning, you will be PISSED.

Files: M02.mix, M02.thu

Mission: Locate The missing scientists

Briefing: "The civilian scientists are most likely being held in the nearby Nod base. Locate the missing scientists. Hint: Vehicles, vehicles, vehicles..."

Duh, whats worse than walking miles of endless roads?

Primary Objectives:

  • Locate Missing Scientists
  • Disable Dam Master Control Terminal
  • Infiltrate Cargo Plane

Secondary Objectives:

  • Disable Helipad
  • Secure Guard Tower
  • Secure First House
  • Secure Second House
  • Secure Third House
  • Acquire Mammoth Tank
  • Disable First SAM Site
  • Destroy Nod Convoy
  • Secure Ski Resort
  • Disable Second SAM Site
  • Disable Third SAM Site
  • Disable Fourth SAM Site
  • Disable Power Plant
  • Disable Obelisk
  • Destroy Tiberium Machine Alpha
  • Destroy Tiberium Machine Beta
  • Destroy Tiberium Machine Gamma
  • Disable Hand of Nod

Tertiary (Hidden) Objectives:

  • Disable Airstrip
  • Destroy Tiberium Silos

Preferred Weapon: You'll usually be in a vehicle, but for when you're not, it's down to the trusty 'ol Automatic Rifle. You get your first Chem Sprayer on this mission, for what it's worth. You'll probably acquire a Chain Gun sometime on this level, but its better to stick with the Automatic Rifle.

Walkthrough: This mission is HUGE. It's a good thing you almost always have a vehicle.

When you start out, you see a buggy and two infantry get cleared out by an Orca. How thoughtful. If you can manage, you can try to kill the infantry before the Orca can, so you can get some free ammo. Pick up the spare weapons, and then get in the humvee provided for you. Pick up the rocker launchers (YAY!!), and use the humvee to kill the apache and the helipad. Don't bother with the rockets, the apache is too fast for them. Once you get up the hill, there's a pesky rocket soldier on your left that might kill your humvee, so watch out. Once you've killed everything and have entered the tower, you get that objective completed and you get a brand new Hummvee.

With your shiny NEW humvee, go down the hill in the other direction and run over some pesky infantry. You have the task of clearing out two houses by a river, with some light GDI back up. They don't really do anything for you though. Clear out the houses and move on. If your humvee is banged up, get the empty Nod Buggy. It has slightly less armor and health, but it's still solid and also a little faster than the Hummvee. Next you have to repeat the task, only you get an empty Mammoth Tank and you have to clear out only another house. Nod puts up a bigger fight this time, bringing out 1 light tank, 1 buggy, 1 APC and 1 mobile artilery. On Commando difficulty there are 2 light tanks. Kill the tank first, then the artilery, then the APC, then the buggy. The buggy runs around in's rather annoying... Although you may be tempted to go back to your hummvee/buggy and leave the slow Mammoth Tank behind, it's not recommended since you'll be encountering lots of tanks in a little while.

Proceed through yet another tunnel. The minute you get out of the tunnel, leave the tank and snipe the two rocket soldiers sitting atop the guard towers across the way. You could use your mammoth to destroy the light tank and the convoy, but I prefer the rocket emplacements provided, since it's not often you get to use them. Destroy the convoy to accomplish that particular objective, and destroy the first of many SAM sites to get some more rocket ammo. Drive on toward the guard towers (Beware, they're not empty) and you'll come to a fork in the road. You're supposed to go left and use the medium tank provided to secure the ski resort, but if you're too wimpy you can skip it and go right.

If you decide to go right, skip this paragraph. Make a full circle around the ski resort with your tank (Starting from the back). If I'm not mistaken, there are only a bunch of soldiers, 2 officers, and a light tank resisting, and there's also an empty light tank for the stealing, if you need it. Please note that you won't get credit for the objective unless you park your tank on the stairs in front of the resort after you've killed off everything.

Moving on you find a SAM site and a guard tower. There's a pesky rocket soldier hiding behind the tower, and you encounter an engineer trying to repair the sam site. Please note that the Repair Guns in single player has the ability to cause damage as well as heal, so be careful. Kill everything, then proceed.

You go through a bridge, kill off some infantry and an emplacement. There's a scripted Apache crashing into the bridge, and it harms you and any vehicle you're in, so watch out. On the other side of the bridge is also a rocket soldier, so watch out.

Coming out from the cave, you'll see a bridge lying ahead of you. There's a Light Tank battling it out with a Medium Tank, so help your ally out a bit by quickly destroying the Light Tank. The bridge is flanked by two sam sites, which you need to destroy to complete a secondary objective. As a reward, a brand new Medium Tank is dropped. The bridge is further occupied by a rocket soldier, some infantry and a NOD officer at the other side of the bridge, who'll keep harassing you with reinforcements if left alone. There's also two Gun Emplacements on the other side of the bridge.

The next segment is a bit long. You're atop a dam that's being protected by an Obelisk on the far side. What you're SUPPOSED to do is use the near-side entrance to the dam to blow up a random MCT (which in turn opens the locked door by the oblisk), then go down and destroy the power plant that powers the oblisk. There are easier ways, of course. Although blowing up the Dam MCT isn't optional, destroying the Power Plant from the inside-out is (it is within Medium Tank range from a spot near the Oblisk). On higher difficulty levels, buildings are repaired internally, so destruction via bombardment isn't an option.

On lower difficulty levels, this isn't the case, and you can bum-rush the Obelisk with your medium tank and destroy it (assuming you have full health and 201 armor). Even on higher difficulty levels, getting to the base of the oblisk isn't very hard with your new Medium Tank, as the Obelisk does approximately 300 damage a shot and you should easily have 700 health + armor left. Once you're close to the Obelisk, it can no longer target you, and you can gain access to the Obelisk to destroy it from the inside out. In fact, if you still managed to keep your Buggy in one piece, you can even use that to reach the Obelisk. The trick is to stay to the very right side of the road as you approach the Obelisk. The lampposts there will interupt the charging sequence of the Obelisk, meaning it won't have the time to shoot you as you approach it. Damage to your vehicle is inconsequencial, seeing how you'll have to abandon it when the door opens. Once you're done having a party with your Remote C4, proceed through the giant door. You can no longer take your tank through, so proceed on foot. Be sure to get the health and armor upgrades by the entrance before going further.

For the next segment you're in a cave-looking corridor. Although your path is fairly linear, there are several moments when you're given the choice to branch out slightly to the right for some free weapons and a nice sniper vantage point or two. After clearing the corridor, you walk into a cavern with a giant tiberium meteor impact site in the middle. There are three "Tiberium Machines" strewn around, several gun emplacements and a handful of Chem Warriors guarding, and an ion cannon beacon near the Tiberium Machine right across from where you entered this cave. Assuming you wasted your last beacon, pick this one up! Assuming you didn't, you may want to backtrack for it once you've used the one you have. Anyways, clean up the cavern and proceed. If you want to save ammo, use your handgun on the tiberium machines... 3-5 shots usually finishes them. After you prceed across the cave and approach the tiberium meteor, an Apache will drop down into the middle of the cave and proceed to tear you to tiny ribbons. You can take it down with your Rocket Launcher, as the Apache will mostly just move up and down a bit, or otherwise use your Chaingun.

Once you come out you should be right in front of the back entrance to a Hand Of Nod. Beware of the rocket soldier on top of the guard tower to your left. While it's fairly simple to make a beeline for the front entrance (...Like you're supposed to, I guess), fully exploring the hand has it's upsides this time. Namely, a big fat Ion Cannon Beacon (Two in one mission. Pretty cool, eh?) found at the most secure area, the very bottom level. Why Nod is holding experimental GDI technology, I don't know. Probably extorted off the GDI scientists. Perhaps a Nuclear Strike Beacon would've been more appropriate here...well cause you'll have 2 beacons at the same time.

I'm sure by now everyone knows how to clear out a Hand Of Nod, but in this particular case you may run across some additional trouble, seeing how both the exit and the door that leads to the MCT (And freedom via windows) have been locked. Instead, take the elevator UP to the helipad on top. You're then treated to a lovely cutscene, which shows Havoc checking out Sakura and missing a very easy sniper shot. Once the cutscene is over, you have your keycard, but you're fighting Mendoza. Before you go down to the front door (Or jump off the roof, if you're impulsive), lean over the edge of the Hand and you'll see a rocket soldier perched. Kill him now and save yourself some grief later. If you don't feel like wasting ammo on Mendoza, you can also drop down the side of the Hand of Nod and walk leisurely to the rear of the plane (actually, the end level trigger streches out over the entire far end of the Airstrip from the rear of the plane) and end the level. Don't do this if you want to accomplish all secondary and tertiary objectives though.

Luckily for you, Mendoza isn't using his signature Volt Auto Rifle. Instead he's adopted what looks like a pumped up Tiberium Auto Rifle that only fires once every couple seconds. I dunno if this is true or not, he periodicaly shoots rockets that look like napalm at you. At any rate, don't panic. He's practically sniper fodder, since his shots are so easy to dodge. You may have the urge to just run to the back of the plane and end this mission. DON'T. Mendoza's bark is much much much worse than his bite, and there are two Hidden Objectives in the vicinity. The first involves destruction of the airstrip (Done quite easily from the MCT), and the second involves the destruction of BOTH tiberium silos. The silos have no MCT, so you'll either have to use about 15 rockets or throw down an ion cannon beacon. Since there are two on this map, and another that you may have carried over from Mission 2, this should be the right thing to do. You'll want to conserve your rockets for the boss next mission. With careful planning I always end up destroying both silos and having an extra Beacon left over. Placing the beacon at the base of the silo closest to the Hand Of Nod, on the side facing the Hand Of Nod, will cause both silos to blow using only one beacon.

Once you're done cleaning house, move toward the back of the plane. Pretty cut-scene. Next mission.

[edit] Mission 4: The Plot Erupts

Doesn't the beginning situation remind you of EVERY WWII beach storming you've ever seen? Thankfully this one isn't that long, and it has plenty of not-so-well-hidden objectives!

Files: M03.mix, M03.thu

Mission: Locate Communication Center

Briefing: "Satellite imagery indicated the Nod Communications Center is located centrally on the island. Make your way to the Nod base and acquire information about the scientists' whereabouts. Hint: There is no cure for Tiberium poisoning."

Primary Objectives:

  • Locate Communications Center
  • Hack Communications Mainframe
  • Acquire Security Card
  • Escape via Submarine

Secondary Objectives:

  • Secure Beachhead
  • Disable Lower SAM Sites
  • Disable Upper SAM Sites

Tertiary (Hidden) Objectives:

  • Destroy Defense Cannon
  • Disable Communications Center
  • Disable Power Plant
  • Disable Tiberium Refinery

Preferred Weapon: Automatic Rifle ammo becomes less common by this mission. Still, it's more abundant than Chaingun ammo. The Automatic Rifle is still the prefered weapon, although you'll find yourself using the chaingun as well.

Because of the Shore Defense Cannon and Sakura battle that eat up rockets, I suppose that they should also be mentioned here.

Walkthrough: After paracuting from the sky from your banged-up plane, you land on a beach. kill what you can from your starting position, walk up the hill on the left side and clear out all the bunkers. Spend either a rocket or a C4 on the turret. Once that's done GDI drops down a crate with health,armor and some sniper ammunition for you. How thoughtful! Pick it up and continue down the path.

You encounter a field of tiberium but you HAVE to walk through (WTF!!). Cut through the right corner, and you'll hardly be hurt at all (But still...WTF!!). Grab the goodies in the banged-up plane. Continue forward.

Now this part is a BITCH on the hardest difficulty, so if you're playing with that please, give a quicksave now. You're supposed to destroy both SAM sites, and killing both turrets probably won't help. The problem on Commando difficulty is that you're faced with, quite literally, ENDLESS amounts of reinforcements. Killing officers and accomplishing objectives only seems to piss off Nod even more. At one point, GDI drops two soldiers with a life expectancy of about 3 seconds to help you out.

An infinite amount of enemies, combined with the fact that you have less than 100 life and armor, makes your task a bit harder, but by no means impossible. It's easiest to move around the edges of the clearing, picking off the Nod Officers. This will raise your life expectancy considerably. Note that this only applies to the Commando difficulty. On Recruit it's a piece of cake.

Once you've killed everything, GDI sends you another goodie box (YAY!) with full armor and health inside, along with 3 sniper clips.

You're now given a choice. You can go up the right and get owned with a headshot by the fearsome Cannon Emplacement, or you can go through the boarded-in tiberium tunnel, and get owned by too much tiberium and Chem Warriors. It really depends on the level of difficulty you're playing at. On Commando, going through the tiberium is stupid and wrong, since you BARELY have enough health to survive the run, much less the Nod you'll encounter on the other side. On the other hand, on Recruit you have enough health, and it'll save you a horrible death by Cannon Emplacement.

If you chose to go left through the tiberium, be sure that you have at least a total of 130 health and armor. You can do with as little as 120, but you'll have to get lucky and get a health or armor drop from one of the Chem Troopers in the field to survive. I'd tell you not to forget to pick up the health and armor halfway through the field, but you'll probably won't survive without them on any difficulty but easy. Just to be on the safe side of things, save before you enter the tiberium field, because making it through alive is no guarantee that the two Nod soldiers and Flamethrower infantry don't shoot you for being so stupid to think that their AI will let you sneak up on them. You can safely ignore the Visceroids in the tiberium field, because by the time they notice you, you'll be safely out of the tiberium field already. If they do give you trouble, first lure them out of the tiberium field, then torch them with your Flamethrower. While running through the tiberium field, don't stop for anything, you'll just lose more health and on Commando difficulty you'll probably lose your life too.

If you chose to go right up the hill, proceed slowly. Consider switching to 3rd person for this segment so you can see the Cannon emplacement coming up. Give it one good rocket, then run back for cover. Cannon emplacements pack the power of... about a medium tank, so beware. Once you've killed the emplacement and the infantry guarding it, go behind the waterfall for a little secret area thing. Keep following the all-too-linear path. Destroy the Shore Defense Cannon quickly, because if you take too long on Commando you fail the objective. It takes exactly 10 rockets to destroy the cannon, or four C4s so it shouldn't cost you too much. In any case, it has no MCT, so C4 is your best bet. You may also destroy the SAM sites first so that a friendly Orca gets rid of the cannon for you, but if you do that, you don't get the tertiary objective for destroying the cannon. Kill the guards, blow up the SAMs, and you get yet another goodie crate with the same stuff as the previous one. Follow the path.

You'll encounter yet another fork in the road. The left path leads to the front door, while the right path sneaks you up into a Nod garage. The left path is the most direct, but also the most difficult. This is because you don't get to restock on health and armor, and you'll be immediately accosted by Nod Soldiers, Flamethrower infantry and a Rocket Soldier. That wouldn't be much of a problem, but Nod Officers are constantly calling down reinforcements. You'll want to get out of the killzone, and either go behind the Communications Centre or go the other way and camp out behind the Power Plant. There's at least 3 Nod Officers calling in reinforcements. One is on top of the Comm. Centre, one is patrolling around near the Comm. Centre and another is near the Power Plant. Note that this is for Commando difficulty, and you may find less officers on lower difficulties. Pick off the Nod Officers and sweep up what's left of troops. You may also want to check out the garage type building behind the Comm. Centre. There's a Rocket Launcher there that respawns itself every 15 seconds. If you find yourself with less than 6 rockets, you may want to stock up on rocket ammo here for an upcoming boss battle. You'll probably want more than that though, and since it's just lying there for the taking, you may as well take it.

If you chose the right path, there are only about 4 or so Nod Soldiers blocking your way to the back entrance, and there's also plenty of health and armor to replenish any that you may have lost. At the end there are some crates. Behind one of the crates is a datadisk. Step on the vehicle elevator and you're taken right into the garage. Again, kill everything that moves, starting with the Nod Officers. A good strategy from here is to go to the right of the garage. You'll find a ladder to the roof there. Climb up it and you'll be in an excellent sniper position. Not the best sniper position, because that would be the roof of the Comm. Centre. Use the elevator at the back to get to the roof of the Comm. Centre and take care of the Nod Officer there, if you haven't already. From here, you have a commanding view of most of the base. Before you whip out your sniper rifle and go nuts, you might want to try your pistol first. Laugh at the fact that the reinforcements have absolutely no clue where they're being shot at from as you pick them off one by one.

After having dealt with the Nod rabble out in the open, your objectives list will tell you that you need to gather some data from the Comm. Centre. This means two things:

  1. You can't destroy the Comm. Centre
  2. You can't destroy the Power Plant

Doing either before gathering the required data will make general Locke point out that you are, in fact, the dumbest commando alive and you will then be kindly redirected to your most recent savegame.

However, you can't get to the precious data just yet. A quick investigation of the Comm. Centre shows that you'll need a green keycard. The general will inform you that one can be found inside the Refinery. If you enter the Refinery through the front door, there's a lowered area to your left where the Nod Officer with your keycard is waiting for you. You can't explore the rest of the Refinery yet, as you need a yellow keycard for that, so for the time being, return to the Comm. Centre. Find the mainframe and download the data. You'll find a Nod Officer here carrying the yellow keycard, so you may want to relieve him from it.

After you've hacked the Comm. Centre mainframe, Sakura gives another appearance and tries to kill you from high in the sky. Experienced players who have played lots of multiplayer know that sniper rifles have an awesome effect on flying units. This is not the case in single player! Shooting a sniper rifle at her Comanche is a waste of ammo. The rocket launcher and the Chaingun are the way to deal with her. You may be tempted to run around the base, chasing after her, and if you do this, the Chaingun is the best weapon for you, because she's a hard target for rockets with her fast movement.

Or you may feel like abusing the crappy AI and take her out without breaking a sweat. To do this, take the elevator on the north side of the Comm. Centre up to ground level. If you have no idea which way is north, destroy the Comm. Centre first and your radar will work again. Once outside, run for the garage. Inside the garage, hug the south wall and fire your rockets at Sakura's chopper. You can shoot the rocket pods at the sides of her helicopter, but destroying them both will make her switch to her very own chaingun, which is a bit harder to dodge than her rockets. Seven rockets or six rockets and some Chaingun ammo should be enough to send her crashing into some powerlines which somehow causes the volcano to erupt and set the island for self-destruction. It has never self-destructed while I was still on the island, so feel free to take your time.

If you feel like going completely postal, there's also the Harvester to take out and three buildings are still in one piece. You can destroy the buildings to score three teriary objectives. For added fun, place a C4 on all MCTs and blow them all up simultaneously.

You flee to some docks. There are trucks and guards available for the killing, but it really doesn't matter. If you check up on top of the crane, you see your first enemy Sniper! Greet him with a shell to the face. Approach the sub docked there and you win!

[edit] Mission 5: Stowaway

Although this mission could be counted as a stealth mission, and the loading screen would have you believing it, it really isn't. At one point EVA warns you that "Black Hand Elite" have been detected on board. This doesn't mean you haven't been stealthy, it just means you've beaten the mission up to a certain point. This is a warning that a Black Hand operative is closing in on you, and is bound to be carrying a auto rifle or shotgun.

Mission: Rescue prisoners.

Briefing: "The GDI prisoners are held captive somewhere on the ship, probably on the lower decks. Find them and bring them to safety. Hint: Walk softly and carry a big gun..."

Primary Objectives:

  • Rescue Prisoners
  • Acquire Deck Security Card
  • Sabotage Missile Racks
  • Acquire Prison Security Card
  • Acquire Submarine Security Card
  • Sabotage Torpedo Racks
  • Protect Prisoners

Secondary Objectives:

  • Disable Critical Engine Areas
  • Destroy Apache

Preferred Weapon: You should be using the Chaingun a lot more often now, using the Automatic Rifle only during those times you fear you may run out of Chaingun ammo. In the tight corridors of the ship, I've found that the Flamethrower and the Chem Sprayers will take you much further than any bullet weapon.

Walkthrough: At first all the possible routes through the ship may seem overwhelming, but it's really not that bad. From your starting position, if you examine the doors to your left, you'll notice they are all locked by keycard. To your right are two doors, one on the same level you start on, the other a level below. It doesn't really matter which one you take, though I've found it easier to take the upper route. While taking out any opposition you encounter, shoot the barrels with the three Nod Soldiers standing next to it. They'll explode and take down anyone standing near it. There's quite a bit of stuff to pick up here. Don't worry if you can't take everything now, you'll be coming back this way later, so it'll be good to have some health and armor pick ups left for then, should you need it.

Continuing to the next room, you'll be informed that you should take out Missile Racks. Go to the lower level if you weren't there already and do so.

The next room is the engine bay, which is a fairly large space. You might want to save before entering, because you'll soon be familiarised with a new concept: Instant death. Large, open areas like this one are populated by Black Hands with sniper rifles in this map, and they can kill you with one headshot, so consider yourself warned. This is especially true on Commando difficulty. There's also a secondary objective to complete in this room, by disabling the engine. This is done by destroying the terminals at the lowest level in each corner of the engine bay. They can easily be destroyed with any weapon, so don't waste precious rockets on them. Unless you've got plenty of rockets, of course. Upon completion, some goodies will appear between the engines. You can take the elevator up to take a peak at how the prisoners are doing, but you don't have the proper keycard yet, so go back to the engine bay.

Take the only other door out of the engine bay. A tiberium mutant will erupt from the tank on the other end of the hallway. He doesn't do much damage, but he is very speedy. You can easily take him down with any weapon, just so long as you remember not to use your Chem Sprayer. If you want to, take your time admiring the mutants in the tanks or simply put them out their misery by shooting their tanks with explosives. Then you'll find two Technicians discussing the proper way to clear up some tiberium spill. One of them will turn into a Visceroid if you shoot him, so beware and have your flamethrower ready. Or be inside the elevator when he transforms. Or simply, shoot the technician that walks out of the area, and ignore the other one cleaning up the spill. He won't really notice you.

Take the two elevators up to the deck. Inside the structure ahead you'll find the stairs down to the prisoners on the left, but you'll still need the yellow keycard to free them. To the right is the stairs up, but you'll need a green keycard for that. Luckily a Black Hand Elite in the room in the middle is happy to provide you with one. Note that the health and armor in the same room respawns, so you can replenish your health and armor here if needed. Go up the stairs and wreak some havoc. Continue going up and you'll find a Grenade Launcher. Now's also a very opportune moment to use it. Go up the stairs a little until you see the flamethrower infantry guarding the first mate. Don't go up the stairs too far, or they'll see you and will attack. It may take a bit of practice to get the hang of it, but once you do, you can take out most of the flamethrower infantry on the above level. This will greatly improve you survival chances.

Once you've got the yellow keycard, go down to the prisoners and free them. You'll be treated to a cutscene, where Havoc once again reaffirms his ambidexterity. After the cutscene, you'll need to return to the submarine bay where you started this mission. There are many ways to do this, but since we haven't been this way yet, let's go through the door behind you. On Commando difficulty, you'll be treated to a great deal of freshly spawned Nod Officers and Black Hand Elites. Continuing this way, you'll reach a gigantic SAM site, which you may have seen already if you explored the area with the missile racks thoroughly.

Take the elevator down. If you haven't done so already, now's the time to sabotage the missile racks. Backtrack to the submarine bay. From the submarine bay, you can go the low route or the middle route to some cargo bay. The upper route is still closed to you, as you need a red key for that. It matters little which way you go, as you will end up in the same area regardless.

In the following cargo bay, you’ll have the opportunity to marvel at the fact that a chopper is trying to lift off from inside a cargo bay in a ship at sea. Lucky for it that the physics in this game do not incorporate wave motions. Or any other physics for that matter. If you want to complete all objectives and destroy the helicopter, it’s easiest to enter the cargo bay quickly (it helps if you enter via the lower entrance) and treat the chopper to a rocket. Some minigun bullets may be required as well to shoot it down, depending on your difficulty setting. Once you’ve disposed of the chopper, or have let it fly away, retreat back into the hallway. Now take your time to clear the cargo bay of opposition, and be especially careful of snipers. Once this is done, make your way to the other side of the cargo bay. You’ll find some stairs leading all the way from the lowest level to the level just below the deck. First, you’ll want to go down, to disable some torpedo racks. Then you can proceed up the stairs until you reach something like a cafeteria.

It is a good idea to save here, as you’ll be attacked from all sides once you exit the cafeteria and surface on the deck. Once you’ve cleared the deck, enter the building leading to the bridge and the captain. Inside you’ll find a lot of Black Hand Elites, so prepare yourself by whipping out your Flamethrower or Chem Sprayer. On the bridge you’ll find the captain, who is holding on to the red keycard. He’s surrounded by many Chem Troopers, so you’ll want to have your Flamethrower ready. Relieve the captain of his burden and return to the deck again.

You could now go back to the submarine bay via the same route as you used before, but since you’ve now got the red keycard, you might as well use it and take the route it provides. So go around to the back of the bridge and go through the door with the red logo on it. Continue this way until you get back to the submarine bay.

Once you get back in the sub marine bay, three of the prisoners you rescued earlier will be having a shoot out with some Nod reinforcements. You will need to keep them alive, and eventually herd them to the area near the submarine entrance so you may end the mission. Note, though, that the end-level trigger doesn’t extend to the walkway to the sub itself, merely the general area in front of it. All you need to do is to keep the prisoners alive, and get yourself and the ex-prisoner who is camping out on the other side of the submarine bay. The ex-prisoners will mostly be able to hold their own, so you needn’t look after them too closely. However, especially on Commando difficulty, you will need to be careful of the shotgun variety of Noddies.

To get the ex-prisoner to join you on your side of the sub, you can either wait it out, and eventually he will come to you, or you go over to him, interact with him and he’ll follow you to the proper side of the sub.

Boom. The Nod freighter sinks. You and your buddies sail towards dawn. Mission accomplished. You have just finished one of the most annoying missions.

[edit] Mission 6: Deadly Reunion

This is where Nod sics almost all of their Snipers and rocket soldiers on you. Apart from the incessant Nod Black Hand Snipers and Rocket Soldiers, this mission is quite enjoyable. Just watch all the ledges and dark windows. This mission is somewhat similar to "Sniper's Last Stand", in Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault.

Mission: Recover your team.

Briefing: "Hotwire is pinned down behind some debris in the southwestern sector, near the Triangle Garden. Clear the debris and enter the building to assist her. Hint: In case of fire, remember to stop, drop and roll!"

What a worthless hint...

Primary Objectives:

  • Locate Hotwire
  • Contact Gunner
  • Locate Deadeye
  • Locate Patch
  • Eliminate Black Hand

Secondary Objectives:

  • Secure Town Square
  • Escort Resistance
  • Contact Escapee
  • Eliminate Engineers
  • Rescue Babushka

Preferred Weapon: Chaingun, baby! You'll notice in this mission that the standard Nod infantry are absent, and with them, the Automatic Rifle ammo that they bring. Instead you're greeted with many many more Officers, which means lots of Chaingun ammo.

Even so, you'll be using your sniper rifle to pick off faraway enemies and rockets to destroy heavy armor. Oh, and be sure to go back to spots where there are armor, health and ammo, just in case you need them.

Walkthrough: You begin on a street. Although the game tries to hurry you along to save Hotwire, rushing in to the rescue won't do any good. Advance slowly, and kill off the Nod reinforcements as they come. Before you proceed to the Triangle Garden, you should come to a small alley on your left. Clear out that alley first; On the other side you'll have a great chance to elimate some Nod vehicles early and from safety. Beware that picking up anything from the stash in the alley will trigger several Nod Officers and Flamethrowers to be dropped from the windows in front of the stash and to the left of it. Only after everything is clear should you attempt to rescue Hotwire. If she--or any member of the Dead Six--dies, you failed the mission.

Keep going down the road, but beware: When you approch the debris blocking your path, a Nod Flame Tank will come at you at full speed. Have your Rockets ready and attack it while strafing backwards. Alternatively, you could rush up to it and plaster three C4's on it to blow it up, but beware, you'll take some damage due to the flames. If you just stand there like a douchebag, say goodbye to your sorry arse.

Keep going down the road, killing the random Nod units that hide around corners along the way. Eventually you'll get to the Town Square, with Gunner and some Civilians trying to hold off Nod. Help them to complete that objective, and then talk to Gunner.

After you're done in the town square, go through the open building and go up the stairs. You should be faced with a bridge, a Gun Emplacement, a Light Tank, and numerous Nod Rocket Soldiers. Take out the Gun Emplacement and the rocket soldiers. The light tank is optional for now. Watch out for Nod reinforcements while you cross the bridge. Turn left once you get across the bridge. Remember to WATCH FOR SNIPERS AND ROCKET SOLDIERS. If you're not careful, they can make your game a short one. This is a recurring theme in this mission, and you'll find a sniper rifle or a rocket launcher pointed at you from almost every balcony you find.

Turn left again and you come across an emplacement. Use it to destroy the light tank, if you haven't already, and use it for clearing your path ahead. Beware, though, the gun emplacement can't take too much beating. Use it to shoot down the incoming paratroopers that get dropped out of a cargo plane. Once that's done, salvage any items you need from the square you just took. Be sure to check in the shed, now and every other time you see one of these sheds for the rest of the level.

Continue down the road. You'll encounter an APC and another Gun Emplacement along the way. Once you reach the end you'll see somewhat of a set of ramps that allow you to proceed. Watch out! There's a sniper and a rocket soldier on the balcony directly above you. Once you're done with them, enter the house to your right. you'll see some civilian resistance asking for your help. Freeload off their items and agree. Really all you have to do is walk down to a crashed transport helicopter with them. Mendoza makes a pathetic attempt to ambush you, but once you hurt him a good bit he runs off (try sniping him in the head). Defend the civilian resistance for a little bit using your Sniper Rifle and you'll be fine. Watch for where Nod drops reinforcements.

Keep going down the path before you. At one point you'll come across a hollowed entrance to your left, leading you to some stairs overlooking a non-functional (Thankfully!) Obelisk Of Light. You're given the secondary mission objective of elimating six Nod Engineers, specializing in rapid Oblisk construction. They're protected by a Nod Buggy, and not much else. Beware, when you kill the Nod Buggy, you get attacked by a much-deadlier Apache. Since you don't have the Personal Ion Cannon yet (PIC shots kill Apaches in one hit in single player), I normally hold off on killing the Nod buggy until all six engineers are dead. Also beware that once you kill one engineer, the others will try to run away. At first it seems like they just kind of disappear, but upon closer inspection they go up a ramp behind and a little to the left of the Obelisk. Simply fix your scope on that location and pick them off as they try to flee. With the engineers gone, feel free to take your time on the Buggy and the Apache. Oh, and there are 2 rocekt soldier officers to make your life miserable ,so be careful. Once all six engineers, the Nod buggy, and the Apache are gone, you get a nifty armor-upgrade medal.

A short distance ago, you should've gotten the secondary objective for "Contact escapee". Apparently a member of the civilian resistance managed to escape Raveshaw's lair, and brought out a Personal Ion Cannon with him! Good for him! No time to celebrate, though. Nod decide to crash the party with some Flamethrower infantry and officers. This combo is surprisingly deadly when you're stuck in a small room, so take them out quickly. Since they're grouped together, the Chem Sprayer is your best bet.

Right outside the house there is a parked (and empty) Nod Light Tank. Feel free to comandeer it. It'll make your life much easier by granting you near-immunity from sniper fire. On the downside, it makes you a bigger and easier target for rockets. Since you should never turn down a free tank, hop in!

The next stretch is the most monotonous of the entire level. You won't find anything of interest except for plenty of Nod Rocket Officers and snipers on the roofs. Right before the Fancy Inn, you start hearing "Please help me! Someone, anyone!". At first I couldn't find who was making the racket, but upon close inspection there's a sick technician off to the fork on the right. If you approch him, he says something to the effect of "Mendoza! It's Havoc!" and you hear Mendoza say "Go Chem Squad!" or something. After, a cargo plane filled with chem troopers will roar over you and drop its payload. If you're in the light tank, run em' over. If you aren't in one, stand back and torch them with your flamethrower when they touch the ground. It turns out the technician was faking it. Feel free to kill him for being such an asshole. If you chose not to "fall for it" and kill him outright, the Chem Soldiers will still fall in.

Eventually you wind up at the fancy inn, where Deadeye is cowering. Before talking to him, clear the entire area of Nod troops and vehicles, since Deadeye is different than everyone that you've rescued so far in that you actually have to protect him. He runs down the path toward the church (you should follow, by the way). There's an APC and a Flame Tank trying to kill him, and if they succeed, you've failed your mission. They're the last real challenge of the mission, however. After them Mendoza makes one final appearance from a window in the triangle garden coming up, but he flees like a n00b (cause he is) again once you get him "into the red". Do Not leave Deadeye in the fancy inn, no matter how tempting it may be to clear out the road first. If you pass him by, you get something like this: Deadeye: Help! I'm under attack by mutants! Gahh!!, and you fail the mission.

Leave Deadeye alone now--he can take care of himself. There's one last Secondary objective for you to do. Behind the church there are two roads--one of the left and one on the right. Take the one of the left to rescue Babushka. She's being interogated by a Nod Officer and a Black Hand operative. They're both easy kills, but make sure you don't kill Babushka. If you're really desperate for ammo, take the path on the right and grab a little bit of extra ammo and health. Then go back to the church and talk to Patch.

"Oh no! What, Nod is closing in?!" The biggest threat you face is from the Apaches. The artillery will simply shoot certain windows, if you leave them alone. The biggest problem is ammo. All the artillery will eat through your supply of rockets, and apaches are the biggest pain in the world if you don't have any Personal Ion Cannon ammo saved up. Don't worry about the Dead 6-Hotwire will heal them periodically, so they should be able to take care of themselves.

The Apaches go down easily enough with your new PIC. The artillery units go down easy enough with rockets. Just kill all the nearby vehicles and the Black Hand in the church courtyard to win.

Pretty cut-scene. Havoc calls Gunner a monkey. You win.

[edit] Mission 7: The Grip Of The Black Hand

You're treated to your first real boss-battle in this mission. Can you guess who? Yup, Mendoza has finally run out of places to hide.

Mission: Evacuate scientists.

Briefing: "The scientists are currently held deep in the bowels of the Chateau. Extract them from the Nod facility.

Hint: The key to knowledge can be found in books."

This aint school.

Primary Objectives:

  • Access War Room Computer
  • Evacuate Scientists
  • Escort Sydney
  • Eliminate Mendoza

Secondary Objectives:

  • Rescue Resistance
  • Infiltrate Secret Cache
  • Rescue Prisoner

Tertiary Objectives:

  • Rescue Resistance
  • Infiltrate Secret Cache (you'll find a neat weapon there)
  • Rescue Prisoner

Preferred Weapon: Supposedly, this is a stealth mission, which means you should be using your pistol to avoid patrols. Since killing everyone in the chateu is more stylish, I stuck with the Chaingun. If you come across the secret cache you'll find a nifty laser rifle, which is very useful for killing off the black hand heavy weapon soldiers and other Nod pests, but save the ammo since you need the laser next mission.

Walkthrough: Why is it snowing?

You start out near a gate. Two apaches will fly over you, but the good news is, they don't spot you. Whew! take them out with a PIC if you have one, otherwise, follow the Light Tank, but don't blow it up yet, you'll get your chance later. There's a flametrooper patrolling the road, so pop him with the sniper rifle. Sneak behind the guard tower and climb up the guard tower. Kill everyone you see, and get your chaingun ready. You'll hear a Nod transport chopper that's supposed to be dropping Black Hand Elite in the area. The transport actually parks pretty close to the tower, so it's possible to destroy it before any Black Hand actually drop.

Proceed through the chateu entrance, but have your Sniper Rifle ready to pick off Snipers and Rocket Soldiers on top of the building. To your left, you can see the rear end of the light tank you were following. The safest and most economical way to destroy it is using your Grenade Launcher, hitting only the part that you can see without exposing yourself to it's turret. This way, you save both valuable rockets and even more precious Personal Ion Cannon ammo. After your done with the tank, finish up whatever's left. Or, if you want some explosive feeling, give it some C4. Notice the Raveshaw statue. What a shame you can't blow it up Hint: (You Can Blow It Up, Just Put a Few Rounds In It) . Open up one the sheds and you will have just accomplished Tertiary Objective #1.

By now, EVA should have alerted you to the alarm system in the chateu. It requires one of two MCTs to be blown up before it can be disabled. They're both quite out-of-the-way, but I always try to get both, just for completeness's sake. The first in the hedge maze directly to your right. The other is in the barracks to your left behind the big door, by the helipad.

Should you chose the path to the left, through the hedge, pay close attention to your radar, as Chem Troopers make it a habit to patrol the area. Also beware the Rocket Soldiers by the entrance to the main building, in the tight corridors of the hedge-maze, rockets are especially lethal. Your goal is the structure to your right. When you arrive, go have a nice friendly chat with the nearby servant. He'll tell you the exact location of the MCT (Down some stairs), and that there are some guards there. He'll also give you a nifty Grenade Launcher to take care of them while remaining unseen. There is a ceiling gun above the MCT that's just begging for a rocket. For some reason, the MCT is much weaker than usual, and dies in a couple of shots from almost any gun, making C4 completely unnessessary.

Now, lets look for that secret cache. Go back to where that raveshaw statue was, and go through the door it is facing at. Turn left and keep going down the hall and theres a set of stairs. go up the stairs, and once you get to the top floor, turn right. After you turned right, you should find a small corridor that leads into a library. Hit (not shoot, use the action key) the bookshelf on the far right in the middle of the wide gap on the bookshelves and volia! The secret cache! But beware, there are 2 ceiling guns concealed on the left and right side of the cache. Give em the love of C4 or rockets for their pathetic attampts to kill you. After you've done that, grab the goodies (notice the four laser rifles), and leave the library.

(if you know more about this campaign, please post down what you know.)

Video Walkthrough of this mission by TCUSniper will be posted soon...

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