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[edit] What is RenGuard?

RenGuard is an Anti-Cheat product created by Blackhand Studios to protect Renegade from cheaters. Basically it only prevents its users from cheating, but it's also possible to force someone to use RenGuard on a server, which then prevents that guy from coming to cheat at the server again.

[edit] RenGuard Client

RenGuard 1.03 for Windows

[edit] RenGuard SSC

The RenGuard Server-Side Client is for the Linux/Windows FDS of Renegade.

RenGuard SSC 1.02 for Windows

RenGuard SSC 1.02 for Linux

[edit] RenGuard 1.04

This is the next version that is currently indevelopment by Blackhand Studios.
The RenGuard 1.04 Private Beta announcement has been posted in November 2005.

Some of the changes include:

  • x64 Editions of Windows support
  • Fixing of Windows 2000 "Buffer Overrun" error
  • No longer using SVKP protection due to issues with Norton Anti-Virus and Windows 64-bit OS compatibility
  • Auto-reconnect to Master Servers in the event of connection loss (players will no longer be kicked from the server they are playing on)
  • Automatic detection of WOL nickname changes to prevent current hassles
  • Less bandwidth, memory and CPU usage compared to 1.03
  • Localized client messages and dialogs
  • Fixed various crash/hang issues

[edit] X64 Version

There have been many many questions regarding a 64-bit version of RenGuard that works on the x64-Editions of Windows.
At this point of time Blackhand Studios is looking for the best possible way to release a version that works on x64-Editions of Windows.

Blackhand Studios is currently aiming for x64 support with RenGuard 1.04, more information is available here.

[edit] Links

Website: RenGuard.com.
Support Forum: RenegadeForums.com.

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